This is my new favorite dessert.  I can't believe how freaking good it is! - E. Shaffer

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This is the best food I have ever had in my life! - E. Jimmerson

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We began foodlove café unofficially back in 2005.  we provided lunches and dinners for various events and churches.  We have been advised down through the years to ”start a restaurant.”  We were just so busy raising our four children, being very active in our church and maintaining full-time jobs that we couldn’t imagine how to fit being business owners into the mix.  But, the food was being demanded more and more.  We finally decided to make it official and become incorporated.  With Clarence’s degree in Marketing and Kim’s Formal Culinary training, foodlove café catering was born. Though we have been delivering happiness to our customers for years now, it is our ultimate dream to open a restaurant and continue catering as a feature.  It has been one long quest to get the brick & mortar.  We have looked at several properties, some have been big and some have been small.  Most have not had adequate parking but we have finally eyeballed one that is ideally located, ample parking and a beautiful large space! We are so excited to share this with you. Our friends and loved ones have waited long enough and we are so ready to make this happen.  Everything is in place, all of the particulars have been scrutinized and proved.  Now we are just accumulating the finances to open.  Thank you all so much for your patience and support